Rafael Guillen

Born in 1888, Rafael Jesus Guillen Lopez was the first of what is now 3 generations of the Guillen family to dedicate their life's work to the cultivation and processing tobaccos of Nicaragua and Honduras.  Before establishing his own operations Mr Guillen Lopez spent several years in Cuba learning everything he could about the trade.  Returning in 1908 he started planting in Jalapa, Nicaragua and later expanding to Honduras. 

Publio Julian Guillen Osorio (2nd Generation)

As many may know, Nicaragua and Honduras have both been places of political unrest and war over the last century causing many to lose everything they had and many their lives.  Fortunately, by the grace of God, Mr Guillen Lopez was given the wisdom to invest in both countries and able to continue his work in Honduras as Nicaragua became to hostile.  As things stabilized he returned to Nicaragua where the family continues to this day.

Rafael Antonio Guillen Umanzor (3rd Generation)

Today, Rafael Antionio Guillen Umanzor, and his 3 brothers now have farms in Esteli, Jalapa, Condega and Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua keeping the 110 years of tradition alive.  The Guillen brothers have also used their knowledge of tobaccos to blend and manufacturer their own cigars that are sold locally and in limited quantities in the United States.  Rafael Antonio Guillen hopes to one day launch his own brands on a larger scale expanding the roll of the Guillen family in the Tobacco Industry.

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